Prices and Delivery

Prices for edge-to-edge quilting

The following prices are for lightly quilted designs covering the whole of the quilt top. If the size of your quilt falls between the sizes shown, the price will be adjusted accordingly. Prices include the cost of thread which you can choose when your quilt is booked in.

Size of QuiltPrice
Small (up to 50” x 60”)£90
Lap (up to 60” x 70”)£110
Single (up to 70” x 90”)£140
Large Single (up to 80” x 95”)£160
Double (up to 90” x 100”)£170
King (up to 95” x 105”)£180
Large King (up to 106” x 110”)£190


Prices for custom quilting

If you have something special in mind, eg, separate border, sashing or block designs, freehand quilting or in-the-ditch quilting, we would need to see your quilt and discuss the design before quoting a price. If you would like a quotation and are able to visit us, then it is a good idea to contact us first to check that there will be someone here to help you.


Prices for basting

If you prefer to hand quilt, but find layering and basting tedious or difficult, we offer a basting service. This will give you a perfectly layered quilt with a grid of easily removable stitches. Cotton thread is included in these prices.

Size of QuiltPrice
Small (up to 50” x 60”)£70
Medium (up to 70” x 90”)£75
Large (up to 90” x 100”)£85
Huge! (up to 106” x 110”)£100


Prices for Binding

You may wish to bind your own quilt (see our resource page on binding your quilt) but if you prefer we can do this for you. We offer a double-fold continuous binding with mitred corners. This is machine stitched to the top of the quilt and either hand finished by us or supplied ready for you to slip stitch to the back.

Size of QuiltAttached to FrontHand Finished
Small (up to 50” x 60”)£60£75
Medium (up to 70” x 90”)£65£85
Large (up to 90” x 100”)£70£95
Huge! (up to 106” x 110”)£75£115


Delivery and return of your quilt

You can bring your quilt top in, or post it to us. If you need to post it, remember to insure it.

We can return completed quilts by post. The postage and packaging charge will include insurance.