1 – 30 August 2014 : Summer Showcase & Open Studios

Miniature quilt from the Traditional Quilts Group at our Antique & Vintage Quilt Heritage Day

Our Summer Showcase this year features an exhibition of the work of members of the Traditional Quilt Group of the Quilters’ Guild of the British Isles. The group is sending us over 100 quilts ranging from smaller items such as the Suffragette and Maritime Moments Challenges to large bed quilts. Based on the quality of work they brought for display on our recent Antique and Vintage Quilt Heritage Day, this should be a fabulous collection of really beautiful traditional quilting.

Our summer Open Studios will also be running throughout August when some of our talented teachers bring their materials, creative processes and work-in-progress along to our wet studio for the day(s), so that customers and students can see them in action. As well as working live, they’re happy to discuss their work with you, show you the techniques they use, and any answer questions you might have about classes they offer. It’s a wonderful chance to meet the people behind the beautiful quilts and other textiles, and learn a bit about how they create them.

Beautiful applique from the Traditional Quilt Group
Beautiful applique and hand quilting from the Traditional Quilt Group

This year our Open Studios include:

1 – 2 August : Gillian Travis

14 – 15 August : Linda Chevin-Hall

16 August : Angie Hughes

18 August : Lynda Monk

23 August : Heidi Street-Ward

26 August : Claire Higgott  of Thermofax Screens

28 – 30 August : Stephanie Redfern and Hilary Beattie

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