Introducing the Bramble Patch Mystery Club

It all started with a Sock Club...
It all started with a Sock Club…

Once upon a time, some of the Bramble Babes invented Sock Club, a ‘knit and natter’ group at the shop where they – and customers – could get together, be social and indulge their obsession for knitting socks. (Yes, an odd choice perhaps for a patchwork and quilting shop, but we all have our little eccentricities.)

Later on, the Babes realised that maybe – in fact, probablyit might make sense to do something similar for quilters, like a social club where customers could get together and share their passion for stitching, and maybe do challenges or a Quilt-Along project. But there was a problem – lots of customers don’t live near enough to the shop to visit in person regularly (or sometimes even at all) – would nobody think of those customers? Well, yes, the Bramble Babes did think about those customers…

And so, after a lot of thought and a lot of planning, we are happy and excited to announce the launch of our brand-new Bramble Patch Mystery Club. Our Mystery Club includes a Mystery Quilt project, Block-of-the-Month club and Quilt-Along all rolled into one, and because it’s delivered online through the magic of the internet, you can join in no matter how far you live from the shop.

The 2015 Mystery Club project is English paper pieced
The 2015 Mystery Club project is English paper pieced

When you purchase one of the 2015 Mystery Quilt kits, you’ll be getting not just materials to make a beautiful, and unique hand-pieced mystery quilt, but also access to a private online community on our website, where you can download instructions and patterns, meet other members, and get help and inspiration from the Bramble Babes themselves. We’ve even got expert quilter Barbara Chainey on board to drop by and offer her pearls of wisdom to members!

This year’s project is a specially designed English paper pieced quilt. We’ve chosen EPP because it’s easy, portable and hugely popular at the moment, and because we love it! We’ve also created a design that starts with simpler piecing and builds up to more complicated blocks, giving both absolute beginners and expert piecers the chance to produce something they’ll be proud of. What does it look like? Well, that’s a mystery (of course), but we promise you that it’s something special.

What’s more, your quilt will be unique because no two kits will have exactly the same fabrics in them. That’s right, we’ll be selecting fabrics individually for each kit, meaning you have not only the fun and surprise of blocks being revealed monthly throughout the year, but also the initial excitement of opening your kit to see which of our beautiful, top-quality cotton fabrics (from manufacturers like Moda, Andover, Makower, Hoffman, Quilting Treasures, FreeSpirit, Michael Miller, Dashwood Studios, Lewis & Irene, Red Rooster, and Riley Blake) are included.

Choose from one of our palettes: Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter
Choose from one of our palettes: Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter

Why would you let us choose fabrics for you? Well, we have the advantage of knowing what the final design looks like, and we do have some little experience in choosing quilt fabrics (if we do say so ourselves!). Don’t worry, though, we will let you choose the size kit you want and which of our four palettes you like best: Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter. So if you love sewing, but struggle to choose fabrics, this is ideal for you!

Finally, the Mystery Club is designed so that you can join in online, share your progress, ask for help and advice and get to know other members. We aim to share pictures and updates, have competitions and challenges, and generally make you feel part of the Bramble Patch family. We hope that in this way, we’ll be able to extend the friendly welcome that’s always here in the shop to all our customers no matter how far away they are.

More questions? Please have a read of our All About the Mystery Club page, which should answer most of them. If not, do feel free to ask in the comments.

This is a new venture for The Bramble Patch and we’d be grateful if you felt like sharing this post with sewing friends and fans. (There are easy buttons to do that down below↓) And we’d love it if you wanted to join Alicia and Fi (the Mystery Club on-call Bramble Babes) for an EPP adventure in 2015.


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  1. I’m excited about this – can’t wait to get started after Christmas! The project is going to be gorgeous. Who’s going to join us?

  2. Love the idea of the mystery club project!!!! Would you consider including an A-Z quilt project in this forum that would be suitable for putting on the floor for a kids zone in our church (Dodford) in the same vein?? We are trying hard to make our church more children accessible despite not having many facilities – no water, no toilets, limited heating, etc. one thing we do have is a nice big warm welcome!!

  3. Hi Jennie

    At the moment, the Mystery Club is brand-new and we’re just getting settled in to our first-ever project, so for now we’re working on getting that right for the members who have already joined us. But if things work out the way we hope, we will be thinking about new types of projects for the future, so stay tuned!

  4. Hello, my name is Jan, currently living in Lincolnshire. Have been enjoying P&Q for a few years and look forward to the end result of this Mystery!

  5. G’morning Alicia and Fi, just to let you know that my “diamonds” arrived this morning in the post. Thank you. Looking forward to next month’s block(s)

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