Bramble Clubs Exhibition ~ Call for Entries

The Mystery Revealed (Again) & The Farmer’s Wife

Our exhibition of quilts from our Bramble Clubs will take place from 27 May ~ 10 June 2017.

If you have made any of the following :

  • Mystery Club 2016 Hand-Pieced Sampler Quilt
  • Mystery Club 2016 Machine-Pieced Puzzle Quilt
  • Farmers Wife quilt from Alicia’s Farmer’s Wife classes

we would love to include your work in the exhibition!

Please let us know that you would like to be included with an idea of the size of your quilt.

Finished quilts to be delivered to us from Monday 22 – Wednesday 24 May; they can be collected from Monday 12 June.

Please don’t be shy or worried that it’s “not good enough” ~ there are no judges and everyone loves to see quilts!

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