Introducing Jewel Box, our 2018 Mystery Club

It’s here at last – you can now pre-order your kit for our 2018 Mystery Club!

(Not sure what the Mystery Club is? Head over here to read all about it.)

We like to shake things up a bit each year so there are a few changes… but don’t worry because the essentials are still the same – a gorgeous year-long quilt project with a unique-to-you twist!

What’s the same…

  • The Mystery Club still combines Mystery Quilt projects, variations of Block-of-the-Month (BOM) and Quilt-Along (QAL) with a Facebook group for sharing, help and interaction with other members and our staff, the Bramble Babes.
  • We will also have both a hand-pieced project and a machine-pieced project available this year.

What’s different…

  • This year in a change to tradition, both the hand stitchers and the machine piecers will be making the same quilt design! We’ve designed the project so that the destination is the same but the two groups will use quite different routes to get there (and not just in whether they’re using a sewing machine). Designed by Bramble Babe Fi Bowman, Jewel Box is a traditional quilt using a variety of fabrics and prints in a complex overall pattern that sparkles like the facets of gemstones.
  • You can choose to sew this 12-month project by hand using English Paper Piecing (EPP), or by rotary cutting and machine piecing. Either way, you’ll end up with a beautiful 81” x 81” quilt made from a variety of co-ordinated fabrics in your own selection from our palette of gemstone colours.
  • Also, we’ll be sending kits out a little later this year so no kits will be despatched until January. (This is because the Mystery Club Babes usually spend their Christmas holidays prepping kits and patterns for you, and we’ve been told to take some time off this year!) Don’t worry, you’ll still have 12 months of sewing fun; we’re just starting a little later.
  • We will be emailing you links to download your patterns each month, rather than asking you to log in to our website. This is easier for you and more secure for us.
  • All help and support will be provided via our Bramble Clubs Facebook group.
  • Payment in instalments is no longer available.

For a reminder of how it all works, be sure to read the page All About the Mystery Club 2018 carefully. That’s where you’ll find the prices, how to choose your colours, answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions and links to order your kit.

Hope you’ll be joining us – we can’t wait to get started!

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