The internet is great for inspiration and ideas and you can pick up lots of tips from online videos, but sometimes there's just no substitute for an experienced teacher actually holding your (cutting) hand! Most of our students say that learning in person is easiest and best for improving their skills. Classes, workshops and retreats can also connect you with other crafty people, leading to long-term friendships.

We hold our classes and workshop onsite in our specially converted church building. Our classrooms and wet studio are large and airy with plenty of natural light supplemented with daylight-spectrum artificial lighting to reduce eye-strain and make selecting colours easy and accurate. In our classes, you will have a full-size table to yourself, with at least two ironing stations per classroom, and plenty of extension leads and plug points for sewing machines and accessories. Plus, you have the whole shop on hand in case you've forgotten something or need just a bit more fabric!

Tea, Coffee  and Cake are available from the Conservatory Coffee Shop (or bring your own) and naturally, we have customer toilets, including a fully compliant disabled loo. Park in our own paved carpark out the back and bring your equipment straight into the classrooms.