2017 Summer Showcase : “Where Stitch Takes Us” and “Inspirations of the Past”

29 July 2017 – 26 August 2017 all-day
£2 (donated to Macmillan)
2017 Summer Showcase : "Where Stitch Takes Us" and "Inspirations of the Past"

Where Stitch Takes Us

The  Quirky Quilters ~Jenny Anderson, Linda Forey, Sarah Humphreys, Hilary Jackson, Gilli Theokritoff  and Catherine Tyndall ~ have put together a new exhibition of quilts illustrating their journeys through the world of patchwork and quilting. Contemporary and modern but with reference to traditional themes, these works include prize-winning quilts as well as individual explorations of inspirations and ideas.

Inspirations of the Past

The Traditional Quilt Group of the Quilters’ Guild of the British Isles present vintage quilts hanging alongside smaller versions, using the same traditional patterns, but made especially for this exhibition. The results are fresh and modern, but honour what past generations of quilters made.