by Katharine Watson for Moda fabrics

A childhood spent in England and Hong Kong and semesters spent in India and Senegal left a mark on the way Katharine Watson sees and illustrates the world.  But today she finds inspiration right in her own backyard.

I've always been drawn to shapes found in nature and flowers," says Katharine, who surmises that working alongside her floral designer mother deepened nature's appeal.  "There's something about the symmetry and colours that I connect with."

Flower Press, Katharine's first line for Moda, reflects that connection.  It features bold florals, fine-lined foliage, and curvaceous vines in tone-on-tone and contrasting jewel-toned hues.  Soothing blenders and leaf patterns complement the spirited blooms and echo the movement of trellises twined with vines and wind-blown foliage.

Flower Press is based on linocuts, imagery Katharine cuts into a linoleum block with a knife or gouge tool.  Ink is applied to the block, which is printed by hand or with a hand-operated printing press.  She's delighted with the way the Flower Press fabrics preserve the texture of the original block prints.  "The designs have that speckled, handmade feel," she says.