Classes & Workshops

A student on Philippa Naylor's workshop at The Bramble Patch
A student on Philippa Naylor’s machine quilting workshop at The Bramble Patch

We offer a busy and varied programme of classes, workshops and courses that run Monday to Saturday throughout the year.

We have a core of regular, experienced teachers offering classes in patchwork, quilting and applique for all levels. Join on the day that suits you, and come for the morning, the afternoon or all day. We also have Saturday and evening sessions for those of you who are busy during the week. You can come weekly, or on a more infrequent basis.

We supplement our regular teachers from a wide pool of guest quilters, embroiderers, textile and mixed media artists who offer a selection of day workshops and longer courses in everything from specific projects for the home to developing personal artistic themes and styles.

With so many options to choose from, it can be hard to decide where to start! We hope the following explanation will help you navigate the possibilities, but feel free to give us a ring if you need help or advice.

Weekly Classes

Weekly classes are offered three terms per year – the 10-week Autumn Term runs from September to November; the 10-week Spring Term from January to March; and the 5-week Summer Term in April/May. Each term is booked and paid for as a whole and you’ll have the same teacher throughout.

Weekly classes are suitable for beginners and intermediate stitchers, as you can choose from a selection of projects, or bring your own for help and advice from the regular teacher. You can also choose whether to come just for the morning, the afternoon, or all day.

Recurring/Regular Classes

Edwina Mackinnon's regular Exploring Patchwork class
Edwina Mackinnon’s regular Exploring Patchwork class

These classes are scheduled on a less frequent, but recurring basis. Most are offered around once a month, but a few are available fortnightly, always with the same teacher. Each class is a full day from 10am to 4pm. Recurring classes can be booked individually to suit you, but there is a discount if you book three at the same time.

Recurring classes are also suitable for beginners and intermediate stitchers, with the option to choose from ideas supplied the teacher, or develop your own projects.


Day Workshops

Day workshops usually run from 10am to 4pm for a single day, although occasionally they may be for two or three consecutive days, depending on the subject. Day workshops are booked individually.

Day workshops cover the whole range of fabric arts skills, from hand quilting and specific patchwork patterns, to designer projects, embroidery techniques, dyeing and other surface design. They therefore vary in skill levels from complete beginners to advanced. Individual workshop descriptions will note any specific skill requirements.


Thermofax screen printing in Bren Boardman's Independent Study Group
Thermofax screen printing in Bren Boardman’s Independent Study Group

Courses are designed as a progressive course of study through a series of workshops, scheduled approximately one a month. They typically fall into the more ‘arty’ spectrum of subjects, including subjects like mixed media stitch, surface design and dyeing, experimental machine embroidery and developing your own work.

Courses are generally suitable for all levels, although individual teachers may have specific requirements. Details are provided in course descriptions.

What’s On When

Check our booking pages to see which classes and workshops are offered when.

See Booking and Attending Classes for the small print.

Please browse the articles below to see details of our latest classes, workshops and courses.

11 February 2017 : Tucked-up and Embellished Circles with Jennie Rayment

11 February 2017 : Tucked-up and Embellished Circles with Jennie Rayment

Here at the Bramble Patch we always have a variety of fascinating and creative classes and workshops available with tutors from the UK and overseas. So we thought we’d let you know about some of them you might not have spotted! Today’s featured workshop is – Tucked-up and Embellished Circles with Jennie Rayment Experiment with these delectable, textural… Continue Reading

“That Town and Country Quilt” Day

“That Town and Country Quilt” Day

Have you been enjoying the fabulous 2016 block-of-the-day project  That Town and Country Quilt from the Gourmet Quilter? Then why not join us on Saturday 12 November 2016 for a day at the Bramble Patch to  share your progress, problems and get some encouragement? Bramble Babe Julie Yates will be hosting the day with Show and Tell  and Sit and Sew sessions… Continue Reading

Starting January : Baby Jane with Sally Ritchie

Starting January : Baby Jane with Sally Ritchie

If you’ve been reading any patchwork and quilting magazines lately – or following blogs online – you’ve probably noticed that hand-stitched patchwork is a really big trend right now. We think it’s going to continue to be popular in 2015, so we’re planning lots of different ways for people to get involved with this gentle, but… Continue Reading

New courses for 2015 : Colourfun! and Baby Jane

New courses for 2015 : Colourfun! and Baby Jane

We’re always trying to give our students something different to try, so we’ve just arranged to run two exciting new courses next year with teachers who are new to us as well. Coming from opposite ends of the traditional/contemporary quilts spectrum, Baby Jane is a Day-of-the-Month class based on the design of the 1863 Jane A Stickle Quilt, and Colourfun! is… Continue Reading

3 September or 12 November 2014 : Beginner’s Guide to Free Motion Quilting with Edwina Mackinnon

3 September or 12 November 2014 : Beginner’s Guide to Free Motion Quilting with Edwina Mackinnon

**As seen in the video!** Edwina Mackinnon will be teaching A Beginner’s Guide to Free Motion Quilting again, her popular introduction to machine quilting without a walking foot, on two dates this autumn – choose from 3 September or 12 November 2014. Are you nervous about dropping the feed dogs and stitching freely? Convinced it’s something that only… Continue Reading

21 – 23 July 2014 : Intro to Patchwork summer school

21 – 23 July 2014 : Intro to Patchwork summer school

We still have a few places left on Linda Chevin-Hall’s 3-day summer school Beginners’ Patchwork Course, specially designed as an introduction to patchwork for people who aren’t able to squeeze regular classes into their busy lives. Over the three days, Linda will introduce you to all the basics of patchwork needed to make your first small quilt, from choosing and preparing… Continue Reading