Get started on your project straight away with our downloadable PDF patterns! 

Each PDF pattern includes a full-colour illustrated pattern booklet, templates (if required) and our 16-page reference booklet Machine Stitched Patchwork: techniques & tips for successful piecing.


Your pattern files are contained within a ZIP archive folder. To access them, you will need to expand this folder on your computer to show the different files contained inside it.

Both Windows PCs and Apple Mac computers will open ZIP archives without installing extra software, usually by double-clicking the archive folder. Do make a note of where the expanded folder will be saved so you can find it! 

To open a ZIP archive on a tablet or smartphone, you may need to install a free app such as WinZip or iZip (on iOS) or the My Files app (on Android). The files inside the ZIP archive are in PDF format. They should be easily viewable on phones, tablets and computers. If you find you cannot open them on your pc, you may need need to download and install the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software. 


If you are planning to print out your patterns, please note the following :

  • all files should be printed at original/exact/100% size – switch off any settings like “fit to page”, “print entire image”, or “shrink to fit”; 
  • it is especially important to print templates and foundations at 100%; 
  • the files are illustrated in full colour; printing in black and white may make it difficult to distinguish between fabrics in the illustrations, so we suggest referring to the digital file as well for clarification; 
  • file names include the size of paper they should be printed on – most will be for A4 size paper, but a few templates and foundations are too large and must be printed on A3 paper to get the right size;
  • depending on the complexity of the pattern, the instructions may be in small booklet format (with two pages on each A4 sheet) or in full page format (one page per A4 sheet) – this will be the same size as the printed version we sell so your illustrations will be the right size. 

We have done everything we can to make these digital patterns accessible and easy to print on most devices and we’re always here if you’re having trouble with making the project, but please note that we cannot help with computer or printer technical issues.