Threads, Backing and Wadding

Superior King Tut threads in our quilt room


All Quilting Service prices include threads. We stock a huge variety of threads suitable for long-arm quilting and the cost of these is included in the price of the quilting.

We will use Superior King Tut threads to quilt your quilt. This is a top quality 100% long-staple, mercerised, Egyptian cotton and the range includes many beautiful variegated colours as well as solids.

If you are able to deliver your quilt top to us, you can choose your colours when you visit. If you post your quilt top to us, a member of our the quilt room team will call to discuss suitable choices with you.

Backing fabric

Backing fabric needs to be larger than the quilt for pinning to the long-arm frame
Backing fabric needs to be larger than the quilt for pinning to the long-arm frame

The main consideration for backing fabric is that it needs to be 4” bigger than the quilt top on all sides. This is because each layer (quilt top, wadding and backing fabric) is mounted separately onto the long-arm machine, and the backing and wadding layers need extra space for pinning at the top and bottom and clamping at the sides.

Some fabrics are available in extra-wide widths such as 60”, 90”, 108” and 116”. We have a good selection of neutral and pastel shades and some darker colours and we are always refreshing out stock of extra-wide options with new fabrics, so there is a good chance of finding something suitable.

The fabrics we stock are 100% cotton as this is the best fibre for the backing. Purchased sheets, even cotton ones, do not make good backing fabrics as they are usually tightly woven and can cause the needle to ‘pop’ at the back and leave large holes from which the wadding can escape (called bearding). Polyester sheets are also unsuitable.

Naturally, if you ask us to supply backing, there is a charge. If you are supplying your own backing, please see our page on preparing your quilt for the Quilting Service.

Our Wall of Wadding with natural and synthetic wadding/batting, pfd and utility fabric
Our Wall of Wadding includes cotton, polyester, wool and bamboo options


The Bramble Patch stocks waddings in a variety of fibres including cotton, polyester, wool and bamboo. Some waddings are in a single fibre and some are a mix of fibres, e.g., cotton/polyester or bamboo/cotton. Each fibre has its own characteristics and the choice of wadding will affect the look and the feel of your quilt.

Like the backing fabric, the wadding must be at least 4″ larger than the quilt top on all sides. Waddings come in various widths, some up to 124” wide. They are mostly white or cream but a few are available in black. For a quilt top composed of very dark fabrics it is worth considering black wadding.

Wadding from the bolt is preferable to pre-packaged wadding as this tends to be compressed and creased.

Our most popular choice for the Quilting Service is cotton/polyester blend wadding (eg, Hobbs 80/20). It makes the most of the good characteristics of both fibres – the natural cotton keeps the wadding breathable and drapy while the polyester gives it a little bit more loft and keeps the wadding fairly light.

For more options, please see our resource page on choosing wadding for your quilt.