Brandon Mably for Stof Fabrics

Raised in a small seaside town on the coast of South Wales, Brandon Mably has been interested in colour and design since he was young.

With no formal education in design, Mably made a radical career change from cooking to knitting in the late 1980's after a chance meeting with the world-famous Kaffe Fassett. According to author/ designer and Mably mentor Kaffe Fassett, Brandon has "one of the sharpest eyes for style" that he has ever come across.

From the moment he entered Kaffe’s studio, Brandon realised the creative potential of knitwear designs and soon became Kaffe's apprentice.

For many years Brandon organised the running of the studio, where Kaffe trained him to knit, needlepoint, hook rag rugs, and grout mosaics. An inspiring teacher, he began travelling the world with Kaffe doing workshops. Exotic locales such as Africa, Iceland, Guatemala, and India filled his designer's eye with inspiration and an explosion of colour and pattern.

An avid and enthusiastic teacher, Brandon has learned one thing over the years - that most people have buried in them a sense of colour and design. It is helping his students discover that design sensibility that continues to inspire and motivate his work.