NB. We are currently working on bringing all our sewing and embroidery machines online, so this section will be updated frequently.

Choosing a sewing or embroidery machine is a big deal – when you're making a significant investment, you want to be sure that the machine you get is going to do everything you want without having hundreds of features you don't need!

That's why we like to spend some time getting to know you and the kind of things you'll be making before we recommend a machine. Our Sew Studio Babes are experienced makers themselves and know all about the machines we sell and what they can do, so we're happy to help you come to right decision whether in the shop or over the phone.                                                                    

As patchwork and quilting specialists, we’ve chosen to work with two of the most popular and well-regarded manufacturers of specialist sewing machines – Bernina and Janome. Bernina are often called the “Rolls Royce of sewing machines”, while Janome has an equally strong following of happy customers. Both brands offer excellent quality and features designed to meet the particular needs of patchworkers and quilters.