The words “thank you” don’t seem enough

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you (and especially Maggie and Carole) for the fabulous job you did long arm quilting my first ever quilt. Having put time and effort into making it, because it was a large double, I was anxious about quilting it myself. I sought advice in terms of what kind of wadding to use, volume of backing fabric etc and also design size for the actual quilting. I knew that I would like a horseshoe design, and the ladies were incredibly kind in terms of sourcing the long arm pattern, which suited the fabric perfectly. Only a few short weeks later, my quilt is returned and I am left feeling an immense sense of pride. The ladies clearly put the care and love into it as they would have for their own, and their encouragement and advice was spot on. The words “thank you” don’t seem enough to reflect my true appreciation. Thank you. xxx