"I love the coast. But you already knew that as ‘To the Sea’ is my fifth coastal themed fabric collection!

Spoondrift (n.) a showery sprinkling of sea-water or fine spray swept from the tops of waves I grew up not far from the white cliffs of Dover and have always loved being by the sea on blustery, windswept and bracing days. We have the place to ourselves, and come home feeling exhilarated with rosy cheeks and cold toes. So, I am very familiar with ‘spoondrift’ although I didn’t know there was an actual name for it until very recently. 

Every few seasons, I design a fabric collection full of boats, whales and gulls in my favourite indigo, blue and cream colour palette, and this time, I have introduced dainty seashells and shoals of fish. I have also included a fun Morse code alphabet print. So here is To the Sea all ready to be made into picnic blankets and quilts inspired by our cherished carefree days by the seaside."

- Janet Clare for Moda

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