Press after unpicking

Press after unpicking Patchwork & Quilting Tips
Press after unpicking

Unpicking, seam ripping, reverse stitching, frogstitch (rippit, rippit) – what do you call it? It's never a fun task and the more you handle those pieces, the more distorted and frayed they can get.⁠

So this week's Tuesday tip is a simple-but-useful one: always re-press your pieces after you've unpicked a seam! Even better, re-press using steam and starch (or starch substitute). This will :⁠

help to smooth back the warp and weft threads to close up the previous seam holes⁠
remove handling creases and restore body to the fabric⁠
→ give you a chance to correct any distortion or stretched edges from handling⁠

All of which will make it easier to re-stitch the seam accurately and disguise any evidence of the mistake. No one will ever know!

Fabrics shown are from the "Best of Morris Fall" collection from Moda Fabrics.