Take off the needleplate and clean your machine

Take off the needleplate and clean your machine Patchwork & Quilting Tips
Take off the needleplate and clean your machine

It looks like some of us will be at home a lot in the coming weeks, so you may get a chance to do some extra sewing... if that's the case, don't forget this week's Tuesday tip from the sew studio team! 

No matter which machine, fabric and threads you use, there will always be fluff generated by the rapid motion of the machine, and a lot of it will collect under your needleplate. That fluff can cause all sorts of problems with skipped stitches and tension issues so you want to get rid of it before it builds up. 

Your machine should come with a small brush, but if you can't find it, you can always use a small soft paintbrush instead. You can also use the tins of pressurised air that are sold for cleaning computers and keyboards for really awkward bits. 

Remove the needleplate, foot, needle and bobbin, then give everything a good clean to remove the fluff. Don't forget the feed dogs, and above the needle bracket as well! If you have a separate bobbin case, take that out too and clean the bobbin race. While you're at it, is it time to change that needle? 

Put everything back together and you're ready for your next project! Your machine will thank you!