This Block of the Month is based on another Lucy's famous quilts, the Passacaglia. 

Lucy's original quilt was finished in 1973, when she was 81. it was made for a musician friend and represents Fresobaldi's Cento Partite sopra Passacaglia - a piece of music with 100 variations on a theme. The original quilt consisted of 35 blocks, each made from 4 eight-point stars joined with squares. Careful placement of fabric prints and colours in each block meant that, from a distance, they appear to be many different blocks, but they are all constructed in the same way.

This special edition of the Passacaglia quilt is a celebration of the glorious rich Dutch Heritage prints, pre-cut papers, instructions for EPP,  and template plastic to help with fussy-cutting. This "precision cutting" of fabrics is one element that made Lucy's work so special. She herself said:

"Interesting patterns can be made by cutting out particular details in the material and using them to make symmetrical figures of their own. This, of course, means very wasteful cutting whereas the original notion of patchwork was economy."

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