Tilda Fabric's Jubilee Special 25 Year Celebration Collection 

Celebrate Tilda's 25th anniversary with our vibrant Jubilee Collection! Bursting with festive fabrics curated from our iconic collections throughout the years, this special edition is a must-have for jubilant occasions. Dive into a palette of rich reds and blues, complemented by teals, yellows, and pinks – the perfect blend for birthday festivities.

Experience the revamped charm of Circus Life, a dazzling design from our Circus 2017 collection, now reimagined exclusively for the Jubilee edition. Paired with hand-drawn delights dating back to 2016, this collection exudes timeless elegance and celebratory spirit.

Indulge in the lively hues of our blenders, featuring vibrant renditions of the beloved Farm Flowers from the 2020 Tiny Farm/Maple Farm collection. Elevate your creative projects with the Jubilee Collection – a symphony of colors and designs that captures the essence of 25 years of Tilda magic. Make your celebrations unforgettable with this jubilant masterpiece.